Clients Resources //

The resources below will help to direct you to people in our community offering services you may desire, and information you will want to refference throughout your pregnancy when the time comes. The information provided is not all the information you may want or need to make decisions for you and your baby but, it serves as a starting point of gathering information and being informed.

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Information Resources //

​​Glucose Tolerance Screen

Avoid Gestational Diabetes and learn about

options with testing by reading the attached


GBS - Group B Streptococcus

A Vaginal swab culture that is offered at 36-38 weeks

of pregnancy.



Homebirth Kit


The Birth Kit is included in your birth fee. No need to order one 



Newborn Decisions

Vitamin K, Eye Ointment, Newborn screening

are a few of the decisions that will need to be

made by you no later than the day of the birth.


Additional Resources //


Info will be updated soon for categories below



- Childbirth Classes


- Placenta Encapsulation


- Photography


- Moms Groups/Support



- Videos

       *Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake

       *More Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake

      *Why Not Home? 2016 Documentary on doctors, nurses and midwives who choose to have home births