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Prenatal Care

At each hour long prenatal visit we will be discussing any pertinant information, checking on the well being of the baby and mother. Prenatals will occur once a month untill 36 weeks at which time we will plan a Birth Team Meeting in your home to get all things ready for the upcoming birth. We will cover many things like going through your birth kit, review normal birth, and deliver your birth pool if you decided to use one. After this visit we will be seeing each other back at my home office once a week until your due date, and twice a week after your due date until baby is born. Each prenatal visit is customized to your needs and time is given for questions and getting to know what your desires are for this special event.

Labor and Birth

When you are in active labor myself and assistant will arrive at your home to support you, and monitor you and baby. We bring with us equipment and supplies needed for many situations, including oxygen, resusitation equipment, and lots of loving care. I will be staying with you for approximatly 3-6 hours after the birth, or until you and baby are stable.

Postpartum Care

After your baby is born there will typically be 3 postpartum visits. The first at 24-36 hours after the baby is born, at which time I will return to your home and evaluate the well being of the mom and baby, offer breastfeeding support, and offer support for postpartum needs and comfort.

The second visit will be around 2 weeks postpartum, back at my office. This visit is when we will handle all Birth Certificate information as well as Social Security. I will be checking the baby over from head to toe. We will discuss to see that you and your family have adjusted well and breastfeeding is off to a great start.

The last visit together is at 6 weeks postpartum. This visit will cover the well being of both mom and baby, as well as a discussion on family planning, non-hormonal birth control options, and future well baby checks.

Well- Baby Care

As a Midwife I offer appointments for families if they want to have their baby assessed within the first year of life. No vaccinations are offered, just a head to toe assessment of your baby.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing when a women has the support needed to embrace this relationship with her and baby. It is a passion of mine to help in that support.

Well-Women Care

Well-women visits with a midwife can consist of a pap-smear, breast exam, fertility or menopause discussions.

Client Testimonies

I began seeing Robin as my primary care provider about 2/3 of the way through my second pregnancy, after having moved to the high desert from LA. In what could have been a very stressful transition, Robin provided such peace and wisdom to my husband (and two-year-old daughter) and I that we navigated the change with relative ease.  Her passion, knowledge, and experience came through immediately upon our first meeting, as did her personable and easy-going spirit. Robin treats you as the primary decision-maker in your pregnancy and birth, providing solid support and information to help you make the best choices for yourself and your family. She has that rare and wonderful combination of head and heart that makes for a very comforting and fulfilling experience. Robin was fantastic during all of my prenatal visits, but when it came time for her to attend the birth of my son, it became clear to me that this was her wheelhouse. During labor, Robin seemed to know just what I needed at any given time, even though she really did not know me that well as I had only been in her care for about 2 months. When I started to lose my focus and peace during the hardest part of labor, she led me back to the here and now of that amazing moment right before my son was born. When my son was born she treated him like a real human being who had just accomplished a great big task. She thoughtfully facilitated my daughter bonding with her new brother. She supported and encouraged my husband with information to help me heal and recover. This woman has the wisdom and respect for birth and for families that you want in a midwife.  We are forever grateful for her, and when we found out we would be adding another little one to our family, she was was the only person we even considered seeing for care. 

Katie S.

After researching the birthing process while pregnant with my first child it became very clear to me that a hospital birth was not my first choice. My husband and I started contacting midwives and birth centers to see which one would fit us best.
Thank goodness the midwife we had chosen to go with was booked up for our birth month and gave us Robin's number. We couldn't sing her praises enough!
Not only did she take the time at our prenatal visits to really hear and understand us, she put up with many calls of first time mom jitters.
At our baby's birth she followed our birth plan exactly and handled our blue baby with poise and confidence that didn't cause alarm. She was great, and I am so very thankful she was our midwife during our moment of crisis.
When we found out we were having another baby Robin was our first choice in midwife, and thankfully, she was able to take us! I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a midwife.

Jessica's Birth story


My first son was born with a very traditional hospital birth. A week past my due date I was induced. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was immediately placed in a bed, hooked up to IVs and monitors, and given pitocin. I was not allowed to get out of bed or eat or drink anything. I was forced to get an epidural, which I did not want. I wanted to get on my hands and knees to push my son out, but was not allowed. I had nurses yelling at me to push, and to hold my breath and push longer than what I was doing.  I was threatened to be taken back for an emergency c-section just for the fact that I was not pushing fast enough for my doctor. I was given an episiotomy and they used a vacuum to pull out my son, which left a hickey mark on his head. Mind you, they did not tell me they were doing this stuff. They did not let my husband cut the umbilical cord even though there was nothing wrong with our son, he was perfect and healthy. Several hours later when they got me up to use the restroom, I kept telling the nurse I wasn’t ready due to me being very dizzy. She kept telling me its fine and that it is normal. When she got me to the restroom, I passed out. After that, I wasn’t allowed to go to the restroom by myself. My husband was not allowed to stay with me. The nurses were very rude, they would come in my room and tell me that I need to wake up my son every two hours and feed him. Then, my doctor made me stay for three days… which is as long as a c-section patient, even though I had my son natural and we were both doing great.  


When I found out we were expecting again, I knew there was no way I was going to go back to a hospital to have this baby unless it was an absolute dire emergency. I started researching other options, and fell in love with the idea of a homebirth. I sat down with my husband and we both agreed, a homebirth is the way to go. A friend of mine had referred me to Robin and gave me her number. I called Robin, and as we were talking I just knew she was perfect for us. Every prenatal visit was just amazing… I didn’t know someone could care so much about pregnant women. At a doctor’s office, you are just another number… a dollar sign you might say. The doctor comes in, says two words and turns around and walks out. They don’t seem to be interested in how you are feeling and doing or if you have any concerns. With every prenatal visit I had with Robin, she was focused on me and my baby. She would ask me if I had any concerns, and if I did she would talk to me about them. She would remind me to have faith in myself and that my body and baby know how to work together. The night I went into labor, I waited until I felt like I needed Robin to be there. Once Robin was there she let me labor and did not interfere unless needed to be or I asked, which was what I wanted. She reminded me to try different positions throughout my labor. There were a couple times I didn’t think I could do it, and Robin was right there reassuring me that I can and I am doing it. She spoke softly while giving me lots of encouragement. My husband wanted to help deliver our baby, and Robin was right there to guide him. Choosing to have a midwife and have our baby at home was one of the best decisions we ever made. Robin is such an amazing midwife. She is all about you and your baby and the choices you choose. She helps you make your dream of a homebirth a reality by doing everything she possibly can. If we decide to have another baby, we will definitely be using Robin again as our midwife!  



Melissa “Missy” Snell

May 23, 2020

So many good things to say, I’m not even sure where to start... Robin is an an exceptional midwife and person. My baby was born during COVID, I was supposed to deliver at a hospital. But Robin offered a discounted price for those who were delivering during this time. First, this was a total act of kindness. She didn’t have to discount her price, but she genuinely wanted to help women feel safe and comfortable. Second, she did everything she could to make the experience personal and special, even though I came to her at 36 weeks. My actual birthing experience was beautiful and safe. I’m so grateful to Robin and her associates for taking such good care of my family , especially during the pandemic. They went above and beyond. Postpartum, Robin continued to take great care of me and my baby, offering in home services to make it easier on me. The postpartum kit they offer (and make themselves!) was a complete God-send for fast and effective healing immediately after birth. In fact, I purchased the kit for my sister who is delivering elsewhere. For someone who has delivered 3 baby’s successfully at birthing centers, I highly recommend Robin and her team.

Shey Mataele

Oct 23, 2020

Our experience with Robin was wonderful. Robin and her staff are really great and made our experience so special. After having 2 bad hospital births we were very grateful for finding out about Robin and her taking us in. If your looking for someone genuinely loving and caring then you should defiantly consider Precious pathway, very much recommended!

Nina Sharer

Jul 22, 2020

Robin is an amazing,sweet, loving, caring midwife that is very passionate about her job.She cares about you and your baby which is so amazing and wonderful. I found her though google, when my job took my health insurance away from me, and it was honestly a blessing that this happened for my family. She is a very honest women and very to the point which I respect. She took very good care of me with my prenatal appointments and helped me get though gestational diabetes, helped me with the passing of my father and kept me on track. When it was time for me to deliver, my husband called her when my water broke, she answered and kept him calm, while giving him direction to get us going to the birth center. When we arrived there, my experience was amazing while birthing. She was very professional and gave me very good directions to follow while in labor and when it was time to push. We did have a little bit of a problem, my baby had shoulder dystocia, but robin again was very professional and kept clam ,she didn’t do anything to scare my husband and mom, she explained everything she was going to be doing to unlatch the babies shoulder to me and my family. She is amazing at her work.Her assistant Monica and Jade are amazing as well and helped me in anyways possible and kept me calm and on track. I couldn’t be more grateful for these midwifes. I highly recommend robin.

AbbyR 098.jpe

VBAC mama with family by her side offering love and support

Delayed Cord Clamping

42 weeks and covered in Birthday Frosting

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